In Memory of

Adele Bujisho Nkera

     Born in 1939, Ms Adele Bujisho got married with Zacharie Nkera in 1955. She was 16 and her husband was 20; a very young couple. She loves people; her big smile always welcomes strangers and ready to help and take care of them. She often told nice stories every night to her children. The children of our neighboors came into our house to listen to her attractive stories. I, Bernard, her 3rd son recalled those beautiful moments; a blessing to have a such mother in my life. Those stories absolutely conveyed lessons and advices for our daily life. For sure those stories have played a positive attitude in my whole life. She passed away on March 12th, 2010 while she was praying "Rosary", her favorite prayer. I'll never forget. May God, Almighty, be pleased to welcome her !! (More to come ....)
     As mentionned Ms Adele Bujisho loved help people. At her death, Ms Adele was looking after 13 students. Among these children there is Louise. Louise was born in a refugee camp in 1996. Soon after her birth, the camp was bombarded by the armies fighting in Eastern DRC. Her mother lost life in the bombardment. Her father escaped death with the tiny baby and found refuge in Muhungwe. In Muhungwe Louise's father was helped to settle by Ms. Adele Bujisho. Ms Adele Bujisho felt pity for Louise. Ms Adele Bujisho took Louise and helped her to nurture. It was hard but the little Louise soon grew big and healthier. War broke again in Eastern DRC in 1998. Louise's father was kidnapped and he never returned home. Louise remained in Ms. Adele Bujisho and she joined other student at the Kibabi primary school.
     Ms Adele Bujisho suffered some health problems. She moved to the city of Goma for treatment. Louise moved with her. Louise was finishing her primary school when Ms Adele Bujisho passed away leaving Louise and other children she was supporting with no help.

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